Building application using Python


Hi guys,

I’ve recently completed an Intensive course on Programming with Python and I have since moved on to attempting to build an application with what I have learnt on this platform.

I’m curious to know how to implement a Python script with the overall structure of the application I am building.
I have an intermediate knowledge using SQL and still working on my Django fundamentals.

I would love to know how to combine all of these to make my project a reality.


Hey Samuel, want to tell us some more about your project?


Basically, a web application that provides a service based on the location and type of service requested for by the user.

For example, let us say users can access the website at or via a mobile application and then search for a service within a certain location. The application should return a list of mercenaries who offer that service within the selected location.

I’m hoping that this is clear enough, otherwise I can still clarify if need be.

Looking forward to learning more on here to help me push further with this.

Many thanks for any help provided.


If you want to build this in application, you will certainly need something like django or flask. Flask is a bit more bare-bone, while django comes equipped with all the bells and whistles.


Agreed, I have been on my Django for about two weeks now and I can say I have made some progress.

However, would I still need to have a separate Python script outside of my Django codes?
I currently have one that shows how users interact using classes, methods…etc.


django codes is not an official term. Django is just a web framework written in Python, within your django application you write python code (and some code in the template engine)

Everything should be within the django application, although you might want to have a build/deployment script within the root directory of your project


Thanks for clearing things up better.

So far, I have been able to build a basic interface in the template engine. I was thinking there was another way outside of the framework to implement the pure Python code that I have written.

This is the part that I’m still trying to get the hang of. :worried:


but why would you? You will need a database for sure, to store locations, services and location for services.