Building an Online Library

I was thinking of creating an Online Library, but would anyone find that interesting? I would love to push and encourage a younger audience to read books to improve their English-language skills at an early age. Today the younger generations are actively on their computers and phones so I thought what better way to make it. Do keep in mind it doesn’t have to be just a young audience but anyone to read.


A noble vision, to admit. One that presents with a gargantuan task right from the outset. Would it be simpler at first to write blog entries of books you recommend and your review of them?

Can your idea compete with the Amazon Kindle or other such reading apps that are backed by millions of titles?

Put in perspective, the blog/book review idea seems more plausible. It would build a following and gain their input on other recommended titles, along with their reviews. Still a big task, but one more likely of success.

That’s one way of looking at it. The motive is to get young people to read, and keep reading as they grow older. The mind so hates to sit idle. Keep dreaming of ideas like this.


I’ve only just joined Codecademy and found myself here whilst going through the first lessons, but this idea sounded interesting to me.

@mtf is right in terms of the size of such a project, but I wonder if there could be another angle to take?

Could you let your audience add/track the books they’ve read, to build their own library - a bit like Goodreads, but with more of an emphasis on displaying peoples libraries for them to see.

You could add in some gamification by letting people know what they could fill with their own library of books - sections of a famous library, a whole floor… the whole library?

I can see there being a lot of fun, and use, to this idea - it just maybe needs to be pivoted to make it approachable :slight_smile:

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