Building an Inventory Database with PostgreSQL backfilling problem

I am on step 3 in this project, and I am supposed to fill in the missing descriptions in a table,
empty descriptions are however not recognized as NULL objects because they are ‘space’ characters.
Now, when I use this code to fill them in:
UPDATE parts SET description = 'None available' WHERE description IS NULL OR description = ' ';
it actually deletes the rows were the description is space character (???)
Anyone had a similar problem?
When I only use WHERE descirption IS NULL it is not recognized and the table is not updated, that is my table after WHERE description = ’ ’ :

As you can see id=3 and id=9 get deleted from a table.

Can you please provide a link to the lesson?

Did you backfill those empty descriptions first (it’s in the hint for question 3)?


UPDATE parts
SET description = 'None Available'
WHERE description ____ ____;

I am doing it in the photo that is provided, when I dont use or equals ’ ’ it does not fill them, because they are not null, they are recognized as ascii_value 32, when I use equals ’ ’ it deletes rows. Even if i try to SET description WHERE id = 3; it gets deleted as well.

I thought the affected rows were being deleted too until I realised that they were actually just shuffled down to the bottom of the table and therefore out of the top 10 entries that we LIMIT the view to.


Thank you! What an amazing eye you have!

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