Building a portfolio, so many questions

Hi there, I am learning Webdevelopment and I want to build a portfolio. Should I build this with WordPress? Or build a WordPress theme myself or just build a website from scratch without a CMS. How to host it and Wat needs to be on your portfolio? And do you have some examples of portfolio websites?

I have my own blog on Wordpress already, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to combine this with a portfolio. Wat do you think?

What is the purpose of the portfolio? If your end goal is to get a job at a company, you don’t need one unless you’re a UI\UX designer. If you’re looking to be a developer, potential employers will want to look at your code, not how it looks. In this case, a public repository is your portfolio.

If you want to be a freelancer, then you do want to show off your work but depending on what you’ve done you need permission from your client to showcase the app. Even if you have permission, most apps require an account. A potential employer will not create accounts and fully use your app.

Built on Wordpress, use a Wordpress theme or build it from scratch? You only want to build things from scratch if you’re a UI\UX designer, developers don’t deal with that, you just apply CSS given to you by designers.

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