Building a blog feature/system on static site

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What are the steps and technology I need to take/learn and use to build a blog feature on my “static”(HTML and CSS only) website? Is it as simple as creating the template in HTML and CSS, updating the blog, and then manually naming each page in some form of order?


I have been looking into how to go about building a blog as I figure, it is a little more than the above and have come across answers stating that CMS should be used such as WordPress. My google search results are flooded with how to create a WordPress blog and alternatives to WordPress. I have spent the past month learning the very basics and I want to progress to being able to implement a blogging system. I do not care if it is quite challenging or something that takes time. I’ll put the time in.

this would limit the flexibility of your blog.

Blogs these days also have a back-end system, with a database. This allows you to sort and search blogs, pagination and more

given plenty of people want to write blogs, but don’t want to implement a back-end system, tools like wordpress where developed, where the whole “back-end” is hidden, and the user can manage there blogs (on the website of the CMS)

if you truly want to build a blog from scratch, you need to learn about database and back-end programming as well.

Ok, I understand. Thank you for this.

So my next question then is how would I go about “plugging in” a blog feature into my static website? For example, I have a glorious website and I want to add another section purely for blogging. How do I go about this?

I have read some articles that say that I should basically create a website on WordPress and then recreate my site around the design of the WordPress template and link to that blog so that visitors don’t notice that there is no real transition when moving sites… As an aspiring web designer I that basically kills me.

I am just missing the point and basically any site with a blog does the above approach? I am very confused by this - I am not sure why!

that depends on what you use for hosting your blog. These kind of configurations/hostings are always tricky, and not really my specialty.

you could host a subdomain for your blog for example:

Adding a WordPress Blog to Your Existing Website | WP Engine®

then your original website can stay preserved. Or look at other CMS options, or build everything custom. There are so many options

No, but domain and webserver configuration is a complicated thing. And seeing wordpress for what it is (an abstraction layer over a back-end system) really helps. Having experience with back-end then helps

Thanks a lot for your help! I have read that article, which is in fact where I saw the “choose a theme to match your existing website” - sadness.

I really appreciate your answer however, it gives me a little more clarity on the complexity of my requirement.

Have a swell day!

why is this sadness? You can develop your own theme:

Wordpress isn’t the only CMS in the world, there might be a CMS to better fit your needs.

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