Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

I’ve coded before but only HTML and CSS basic stuff. My page is actually pretty basic, but most of it is the color man, I encourage you (and everyone) to check this website when doing projects like this if you find yourself hindered by color creativity.

This is the site → Happy Hues - Curated colors in context.

Although I sometimes use colors that I come up with, these palettes help a lot from an inspirational perspective.

Hope it provides some value, keep coding, keep improving my man!

Here is my Cheatsheet

I will keep adding more stuff overtime.
The JavaScript section is empty for now since I have plans for that section (I won’t use tables there)

Any feedback is appreciated either about styles, color palette, or information itself ^^

Try to do the same as the example project, but the HTML and CSS parts I try to do are close to reality if I write websites for clients. My code!!! :sparkling_heart:

Hey everyone! Please take a quick peek at my Cheatsheet! Just getting started like most on here but having fun!

Github code here!
Live and styled here!

Thank you can always open to feedback, suggestions, etc.

Hi everyone, this is the first time I’ve posted on these forums, so nice to ‘meet’ you all!

I started my Codecademy journey a couple of weeks ago, and have just completed the Build Your Own Cheat Sheet Challenge. I particularly enjoyed this project as it gave you free reign and really allowed me to get a feel for what I’ve learned so far and what I perhaps need to revisit.

I think I’ve managed to make a gist correctly via Github, although I still can’t fathom how you can then preview what the site will look like, but I’m sure someone can figure that out ha!

Here is the link: Codecademy Project - Create an HMTL Cheat Sheet · GitHub

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I continue on in my coding journey :slight_smile:

Hello everyone here’s my cheat sheet about


Hello, everyone! So happy that I finished this. Please check it out. Thanks and good luck everyone!

Live link here!

Github Code Here!

Hey everyone here’s a cheat-sheet about CSS selectors and specificity. One problem I hope to get back to is figuring out how to vertically align the content within the h3 tag in the nav-bar so it’s not displayed above the centre horizontal line. If anyone knows how to fix that, let me know! Good luck on your cheat sheet!

Live link

Code link

Hi everyone!

Here’s the start of my first website.

Sorry, I made it in PT-BR yet, but in the header there’s a link to the web dev cheat sheet

tks a lot!

Unfortunately, I didn’t provide a direct link to the source code on Github. Here it is.

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Here’s a link to my Cheatsheet! I will probably add on when I learn more coding language HTML & CSS Cheatsheet

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to have completed this challenge project!

Please check out my live site


Any feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Please check out my Cheat sheet for CSS and HTML. Thank you!


Greetings, here is my first,simple and shy work :slight_smile:
[HTML test Codeacademy · GitHub]

Hi everyone,

first project too hope i can have some feedback on it :slight_smile:

Here the repo for the challenge.
Any comment is welcome.
I only created a single table, but well positioned and displayed, and wrapped the whole thing with a footer.
I hope it’s ok and useful.
Have a nice day and happy coding :smile:

I finished by placing my css through the style attribute. I know it looks like a messy code but please look at the finished work. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to link my css to my html. If you have time please look at my code and give suggestions, they’re very appreciated.

MadderHatters Web Dev Cheat Sheat Github Repository

I kept it simple, basically reproducing the example site provided save for the color theme. I do hope you’ll check out my repository. You’ll soon find out that adding files to it became a sub project for me.

That aside the most notable part of my code is in my css file. I think you might appreciate how it targets the first column and applies the monospace font.

Compute Well

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It appears that the “get set up on GitHub” link is broken with a 404 error message on it; please fix it. Thank you!