Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

this is the right Github rep. link: GitHub - Ben-seb/Cheatsheet
I don’t quite understand github yet.

I send my HTMLTags&AttributesCheatsheet looking for some review.

It should be live on
Best regards,

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Hello, your cheat sheet is generally good. Only thing I pay attention is CSS button in the navigation bar. You could remove it if you want because there is no table about CSS rules.
Keep up the good work!

Yea, GitHub is complicated as ■■■■. Took me like 3hrs to get the cheatsheet on there :sweat_smile:

Finished! I tried to recreate some “documentation” site style for this project, using some left navbar to organize the contents. My goal will be to continue improving it (it’s just the first version :slight_smile: )

Github Repo: GitHub - JoseRVargas/cheatsheet-starting: Challenge Project: Build Your Own Cheat Sheet. Codecademy Web Development Foundations Module.
Gist: Codecademy export · GitHub

Here’s a link to my cheatsheet project.
Kindly tell me how I did so that I can improve.
Thank you very much.

It doesn’t have much content and is unfinished as I will add onto it as I go further in the bootcamp

Hi folks, this is my repo but I can’t get my css to show on my page - it works fine if I open it from the file on my laptop but not on github. Any advice much appreciated.

And this is the actual page, which is just appearing as skeleton HTML My CSS Project

If I’m mistaken,

you will have to go to the current repository where you have your files,

go to settings of that repository and click pages on the left side,

choose from none to main under build and deployment,


it should take a little bit of time and in the same settings page on top, you will see that your page has gone live,

you can click visit site and copy the url and share it

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This is my project to the Cheat Sheet. The 2 images I added are no longer linked. Any suggestions on how to link them up.
My Cheat Sheet

I did this all on my own any advice??

It took me 3 days and I know there’s a lot of mistakes but it’s something…
If someone could rate and point out shortcuts I could have taken

Thank you! It’s working now :blush:

I enjoyed a lot doing this project. I have to say that it took me around 3 hours, but you all know that practice is the best way to learn.

You can see it live here:

I am all ears for suggestions!

Hello everyone,

This is my work and I did it slightly differently from others. Please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback on my work.

GitHub Link to Cheat Sheet

Happy Coding!

Miyamoto Musashi would be proud of that typeface :love_you_gesture:

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Hi! This is my take :slight_smile:
GitHub code
and here is the code live:


Hey! This is my project! If you could check for any mistakes or recommendations I would appreciate it.
I focused more on the structure itself than the actual “cheats” as the information there is just a bunch of copy pasted text.

Github Code

I truly appreciate you feedback. Hopeful the code was on point as the typeface

Dude, this is amazing. How long have you been coding, if it took you only 3hrs to finish that cool project, you must be a veteran. It looks great, I was trying to experiment with a navigation bar, but it was taking me forever. Great job