Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

I got a little carried away with this as I was struggling a bit with CSS so wanted to build something from scratch - any feedback welcome.

Live site:

This is pretty useful, shows you how to publish a site using Github pages:

Ah cool, thank you. That helped:

My cheet sheet is live at:, and available in my Github at GitHub - 2003salar/

Live Site: CSS Typography Cheat Sheet
GitHub Repository: GitHub - araedesigns/csscheatsheet: CSS Typography Cheat Sheet project for Codecademy FEE course

Any feedback welcome!

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Here’s my cheet sheet, not sure if it might be too long for a cheat sheet…

Frank’s Cheat Sheet

Here is my solution to the project. Took me a lot longer than I had hoped, but good practice.
My Cheat Sheet, on Git Hub

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Simple and effective.
I find that the easier a site or page is to follow and understand, the longer it took to create it.
looks well, good luck with the rest of your course.

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Very professional looking Dave. looks like you put a lot of work in to it.
Good luck with the rest of your course.

hello, who can help me with this issue, I want to add raw text, but when I type them in, they are treated as a part of coding. plaintext tag doesn’t contain closing tag, not work very well.

Hello everyone.

I’m on the Full-Stack Engineer pathway, have reached the Cheatsheet Challenge and would like to share my Gist with you all! Very simple, but has helped me in understanding tables more.

Nice job! The way you demonstrated the positioning is ingenious. I will start now.

Thank you for your feedback array2199839717, I really hope it helps you in your journey.

My name is Jim, if you wish to collaborate during your course journey feel free to get in touch.

Although I have been practicing with coding for some time I don’t have any commercial experience, which is holding me back from changing career, that and my age of 54 I guess. So I am following the path provided by IT Career change : coding, with the guarantee of a job at the end of this.

I do hope it works as planned but the requirement of completing the course in a year may prove difficult, especially when i am working around a full time job, shift work, and a family including 4 kids.

Anyways, if you do wish to collaborate during your journey please feel free to get in touch, I cant promise a prompt reply, but I will reply as quick as is possible for me.

Hopefully we can help each other on our journey

take care and good luck


Hi ruby1805062598

There was a hint on the project page about this I believe,

the “Challenge Project: Build Your Own Cheat Sheet” down at step 2, the ‘hint’ link.

I have taken a screenshot.

Hopefully you can see this and this is the issue you are experiencing and it helps you .

Good luck with your course


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you are amazing! it works!!!

Happy to be of assistance!

Building an HTML cheat sheet from scratch is a bit tough. I am glad I finally did it. Here is the link to my GitHub page;

Here is my work in progress.

And the live result.

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Hello all! Here is a link to the cheat sheet .

Also, here is an image of the page as of today (still a work in progress, but fun so far):