Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to my cheatsheet, it the first time I did something on my own with HTML and CSS :slight_smile:

I could not figure out how to make the browser read HTML tags as plain text and not as tags, < code > < plaintext > and < pre > elements did not help.

Here is my assignment:


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I created a CSS cheat sheet table about properties and created examples that simultaneously utilizes the CSS properties. I also included links to MDN web docs with each property for more information and resources.

GitHub link

Web page preview (only viewable on web browser Google Chrome)

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Hi there! Nice to join this forum. Here is the link to my Cheatsheet Challenge Project on Github:

Welcome to any ideas or suggestions.

I googled “HTML escape characters” which led me to a Wikipedia page. This is what I used:

< → < (less-than sign)
> → > (greater-than sign)

Hope this helps you.

Here is my Cheatsheet.

Hi everyone!!!
This is my first project. building my own cheatsheet
Thank you.

Hello everyone,

here’s my start of the cheatsheet. Doesn’t look to different from the example, but I found some things to add :sweat_smile:

Demo site


Here’s my version:


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Here’s beta version of my cheat sheets:

Heres my first project

This is mine. I did have to cheat a little bit and inspect some of the code on the solution
I plan on improve on it so any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for reading and I’m eager to improve and learn more!!


Had fun in completing the challenge. Did not exactly follow the rules.

Here’s my first try

here is my first Html Page for Table Refrence please rate it!!!

Here is my first (ever) HTML/CSS project!

Thanks Codecademy!

This is the cheatsheet I set up:

As anyone can see, design is not my forte!

I’d interested in any comments on the code.

Hey everyone,

I uploaded the gist of my Cheat sheet Challenge project on GitHub.

Feel free to review and leave your feedback :slight_smile:

This is my very first work with HTML and CSS by myself without the guide of Codecademi.
I would like to know your suggestions about it. :slight_smile:

my html cheat sheet