Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Here’s the link to my css cheatsheet project.

I decided to do a little extra and something a little different that fulfills all the project requirements.

I chose to focus on HTML forms and css.

I created a functional form with submit button for the index page.

Please Note: you must enter a (fictional) email address and (fictional) password into the form, which then takes you to the table glossaries for HTML forms - both tags and attributes.

It might be easier to explore the functional version in at my Codecademy llnk for the project:

Sincere feedback is always welcomed.

Thank you,

Robert Pfaff

Here is a Github Gist of my solution! Build your Own Cheatsheet Project

Here’s a link to my cheatsheet. I used the info provided by the example and then added my own things to it. Feedback is always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

hey there! I think the link is broken.

Nice one!
Good job adding the gfx!

All right, here we go.
My Cheat Sheet experiment.

Cheers :saluting_face:

Hello all!
my cheatsheet is live here (CheatSheet Project)
and my source code here (GitHub - SlothKidLee/html-project)

any feedback would help :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

You’ve can find the ultimate cheat sheet here at :globe_with_meridians:HTML/CSS Cheat Sheet

Grab the source code at :space_invader:GitHub - WoolyMammothh/cheat-sheet

Any feedback is appreciated. Completely roast my code if you have to :joy:


Started this project about 6 months back but got waylaid by life events and had to put everything on hold for a time. It was tricky to come back and pick up the pieces so many months later but very happy to finally be pushing this code and back on track with the course! :woman_climbing:t2:

My cheatsheet:
My code:


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Just checking out others’ work as I finished up my own attempt and wanted to say great job on this! I appreciate the effort you put into the design and layout. Nice color scheme and links to the various sections of the page. Well done you.

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Here is my first webpage:

What do you think

Here is my project link: Cheat Sheet
Always ready to discuss it.

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Here is my code for my cheatsheet
open for suggestions.

html cheatsheet (

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Hey guys! Good evening! Here’s what I came up with.

You can see the code here.

Welcome your comments and feedback. <3

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Hey guys! Good evening! Here’s what I came up with.

You can see the code here.

Welcome your comments and feedback. <3


Hey everyone, this is what I created.

here is the site
here is the GitHub Repo

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Wonder full and in much details

Hi all,

Here is my WEB DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATIONS - Challenge Project: Build Your Own Cheat Sheet

  1. My live site
  2. My code

Any feedback would appreciated.

kind regards,