Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Sure thing! My apologies, this was my first post.

No worries! Not many people know about this free Codecademy resource from what I’ve noticed.

First code on git hub!

my first challenge project using tables!

github: GitHub - KirillCorp/challenge_project_1
see it live:

Good clean code! Also, great job getting familiar with GitHub. This will be an invaluable asset moving forward.


My only suggestion is to make sure you have a title in the <head> section that describes the page the user is on.

Great job and on to the next one!


Hi, Here is my attempt:

Your reviews and suggestion would be very appreciate, thanks in advance.

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With your tables make sure you use th instead of td. You correctly used thead but you’re just missing the th.

I noticed quite a few <span>'s near the end of your HTML document. Is there a particular reason? The spans weren’t assigned an ID or class and there’s no styling assigned to spans in your CSS file.

Thanks you for your review and insights.

I take note about the use of th element in tables head.

Regardless the <span>‘s Your are refering to those inside tds’ tags? I use them in order to style code blocks:

td span { background-color: #6c7d7c; color:white; padding: 0 10px; font-family: monospace; }

I suspect my CSS code is no too clear and clean.

I’ve had struggling time with positioning and displaying, could you recommend some good resources to grasp those concepts.?

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Oh my goodness, I apologize! I overlooked that in your code and missed it.

I think your use of it in this case is perfectly fine.

Here’s my first try, anyone got any remarks? :slight_smile:

Code on github

Live on github

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Great job! I noticed you nested <p> tags within your table in <td>s. This isn’t necessary as the tags surrounding the text is efficient and standard.

You could go ahead and remove all instances of <p> in your tables and it should run exactly the same.

On to the next project! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey crew! Just finished this project! Check it out on GitHub - ChrisRobyn/html-css-cheatsheet-starting

Here’s mine, I did it on tables and spent a fair bit of time playing around with the css.

Challenge Project: Build Your Own Cheat Sheet (

Solid work my friend!

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I challenge you to explore using more semantic HTML. For example, instead of:

<div class="nav">

You could use:


There are also plenty of areas what could make do of <article> and <section> instead of <div>.

Solid work, and I can tell you spent quite a bit of time on the project. Just be aware of all the available elements available for you to use.

Check out my cheatsheet for html table:

Ah of course. I didnt even think to use nav, section or article. Thanks foe the feedback. I appreciate it.

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Here’s mine : Challenge Project: Building a cheat sheet · GitHub

Looks good, great work. :+1: