Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

HTML table reference Example :

Online site

Code on Github:

Hi guys this is my cheatsheet website.

I would appreciate some feedback thank you

code: GitHub - EleceCoding/

Here’s the link to my Common CSS Properties table page.
feedback is much appreciated

Here is my project solution for the build your own cheat sheet project:

Here is my Cheat Sheet: GitHub - Umi1407/Cheatsheet-for-CSS-positioning: Cheatsheet

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

There is no share button at the bottom of my coding space and the link “set up on Github” doesn’t work. is anyone else having these problems?

I have uploaded my table on git, but how do i see what it looking like on git? I don’t want to see the code, but the final product.

hey :slight_smile:
I also did a positions cheat sheet :slight_smile:

Do you know how to see the final product of code on github, without downloading the html and css?

Heres mine:


Hey !

Here is mine :slight_smile:

A simple one that I enjoyed spending time doing it

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Hi everyone,

here is my cheatsheet, please feel free to rate it or give me some feedback on it! Thank you! :wink:

my page: Flexbox Guide

my code: GitHub - alphonsewan/CheatSheetProject

That looks cool :+1: and im not sure how to see final code without downloading files. Im still learning github.

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You need to go to your repo’s settings and find the “Page” section.
The next step is to go to branch → select the main branch → select root folder, and then click save.

Then you just need to wait a minute until Github deployed your page.
*your repo needs to be set as public, and your main HTML file should be named index.html.

That is how I created my page for my code.

Or you can look at this video: Getting Started with GitHub Pages - YouTube

Hope it helps!


Hi everyone!
Here is my HTML page on Github!

Hello everyone!! Here is my iteration of the cheat sheet challenge::Source code , Live demo

Hi all please check out my code for the Cheat Sheet project:

  • Hi! I just finished on this moment the challenge page! Please visit the site and leave a comment, I will appreciate it very much.:zap:

Heres my own attempt at the cheatsheet project:
Many thanks to the members helping me with github and relative path problems with this.

Hello, everybody.
I’m completely newbie and there is my first cheatlist, but not a lot =)) Will be happy to any comment =)