Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

I really enjoyed this challenge - it’s nice to finally get my teeth stuck in to something, without the hand-holding. Of course, that said, there were definitely times where I could have done with some hand-holding… :smile:

I’ve really learned just how much I have still to learn!

Here’s my page so far. I’m pretty pleased with it but realise I have a lot to learn about tables! Like… how do you size individual cells?
Any feedback appreciated: My cheatsheet

Hey if anyone interested in reviewing my project it’s here:

Here is the link to my Cheatsheet. I decided to create one about common CSS properties that programmers use regularly. Your feedback is appreciated.

The link to my gist. I added a menu that won’t be very useful at the moment!

Hey there! My name is Mark Mundrucz.
This is my cheat sheet project, hope you like it.

Thanks Rodrigo,I really appreciate.

Hello, here we go!

Hi everyone, I’m Jaeheon Kim:raised_hand:t2:
This is my first project! feel free to review please

GitHub : strong text
live website : Markdown Cheatsheet

Hello! Sharing my solution: 2 at main · KAERBAER/

Hello Everybody,
Here is my project for the cheatsheet.
Any comment would be absolutely appreciated.
Many thanks!

Check out my HTML Cheatsheet!

Hi, this is my project.

Mthibodeaux-hub / Challenge-Project-Build-Your-Own-Cheat-Sheet

My first challenge

Just finished up the project. Added a little bit of extra effects using the :hover pseudo class in CSS.

Check out the source code on GitHub
And check out a live demo

(I don't yet know how to make it fit/look good on mobile so pls view on a desktop lol)

Hello People around earth. Here is my attempt at a cheatsheet.

Cheatsheet exercise

Regards from Western Australia.

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Looks good. How have you progressed since 2020.


Hi, didn’t want to waste much time for this little exercise, so i used some random css techniques that came into my mind from the course (don’t bother with the actual content):

Cheatsheet Code

Cheatsheet preview

Here’s my project. Please let me know if you have any constructive criticism. Thanks!

My first HTML Project ever.

GitHub: GitHub - DexQuest/
See it live here:

I’d love your reviews and opinions please.

P.S. Codecademy is awesome!

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I really like the dark background graphic you used with the centered overlay. Looks professional. Looking at your code was a helpful reminder to use <thead> and @fontface. So thanks and nice job on this.

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