Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Love the addition of the image on the left.

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love the layout and style

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Here is my cheat sheet, I’ll probably add more later.

See it live: GitHub - bonthebassist/Cheet-Sheet: Web Dev cheet-sheet (codecademy project)

This was a great project to do, looking forward to expanding this cheat sheet. Any suggestions are very welcome!

I like your solution, I think I’ve been overthinking things and got bogged down too much in detail, as such my content leaves much to be desired, and I’m not overly happy with it.

I certainly will revisit after completing more modules and add/refine!

Here’s mine

hi guys ! - here my cheatsheet , just a simple one . Im gonna do moree!

I like your solution too - I completely forgot about the colspan function, maybe I’ll change my code away from separate headings and incorporate them into the tables

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Finally finished. Might return and add more functionality as I learn and develop but I’m proud of it so far.

Please don’t be harsh. I tried :rofl:

Here is my work. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you,

Here’s my project, featuring a sidebar navigation menu and some level of responsiveness - still learning the latter. Looking for any feedback on how I can improve my HTML and/or CSS. Thanks in advance!

Github Pages:
Github Repository: GitHub - rodrigopimentel/codecademy-project-cheatsheet: Utilizing HTML/CSS to build a reference webpage documenting HTML/CSS features
Codecademy Workspace:

Here is my work. Any feedbacks are welcome!

Github Pages: CSS Cheatsheet
Github Repository: GitHub - minkcodin/Codecademy-Project-Build-Your-Own-Cheat-Sheet

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Love, love your project! Great color scheme, great padding for each table row. Overall no issues.

Here’s my project! feel free to give me feedback.

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it.

I’ll even save this for my personal cheat sheet :grinning:
Great styling!

Here is the link to my cheatsheet.cheatsheet

Congrats on finishing your first independent challenge project, and welcome to the Codecademy community!