Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

First time posting from github, hoping this is right :smiley:
I did not do the task completly right, but I needed this for myself :smiley: …And at least it is a table :grin:

Hello, I am Christian Marín.
I’ve done the cheatsheet for flexbox. I’m pretty sure I will add more ideas, and info as soon as possible.

Flexbox ~ cheatsheet.

Give me feedback, it is welcomed.
Christian Marín.

This was an awesome project, loved the liberty to apply what I learned! Check out my Box Model Cheat Sheet, feedback is more than welcomed!

Box Model Cheatsheet


I just finished doing the project (I think) but not sure if I should add more to it or not. thoughts?

Here is a simple cheatsheet that i created :

This project was enjoyable as I continued to learn more about CSS styling within tables. I honestly struggled the most with borders inside of the tables themselves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Github link: My Cheat-Sheet

Here is my gist for the project, I made it in vs code and had the background image in another folder, so its not visible in github

and here’s live

the word machete in my country means cheatsheet btw

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Hi there! Here is the cheet-sheet that i created, is on Semantic HTML tags and relatives attribute. I chosen this color style cause i find it very comfortable to the view and i think that is helpful for a document that you have to use several times.
I really liked did this project and i’m pretty sure that i’ll update it with other useful cheet-sheet tab asap.

Here the code on Github.

Any feedback and suggest are really appreciate!! :grin:

Thank you guys.

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Please rate my cheat sheet and let me know what you think.
this is my first challenge project.

Please DM with any criticisms or advice.

Hi! I read your codes.

Good job :slight_smile:

You can also use “thead” and “tbody” to separate the table parts in your code. I think this can make your code easier to read and be modified, when your code is bigger. This’s not the case for this project, but maybe for a future project.

Hi guys! I’d love some feedback on my cheatsheet HTML Table Reference :blush:!

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Go easy on me :grimacing:

please take a look at my project:
all feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
That’s my simple project:


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Please critique and comment on my HTML/CSS project.
Here is my GitHub Repo:

Live GitHub Page:


I changed the Github name so the previous link no longer works. Here the new cheet-sheet link.

Just completed it, was really fun to do and one of the CSS properties I always forget.
Feel free to leave comments or feedback.

Live Github Page:


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I am having trouble with positioning my elements correctly.

I am trying to have a table beside an image or two tables side by side, but I am unable to have them sit nicely next to each other.

It seems the formatting goes awry when I try to use display: inline-block;

I managed to get them to kind of line up using a mix of position: relative; and other commands but it is quite finicky and needs to be updated after every change to the table itself

index.html lines 148-235 are the main culprit, if anyone can tell me how I would simplify that would be great!

Well, just for the history :slight_smile:

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