Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Good job, @hanzou86 :grinning:
Also, if you could put left alignment the text, the text could be more readable. However, the current chart is nice.

Hi everyone,

Here is my attempt at a HTML and CSS cheatsheet

Let me know what you think!

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Hi people!
I’m from Argentina. Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.
Here’s my first project!

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Hi everyone. I’m looking for a code review and I’m happy to review anyone else’s code. I did the “Build your own cheat sheet project”. I’ll admit, I wasn’t super creative. I pretty much did my own take on the example about HTML tables. Anyway, you can see the finished project here: and you can look at the code here: GitHub - robertcbarrett/ Thanks in advance!

It looks great. I pretty much did the example and made it my own…lol I guess I was lazy.

I do have one question. I noticed that you have the HTML tags nested in elements. I couldn’t figure out why you may have done that. Just curious.

Thanks for sharing!

I’m not sure what you’re referring to?
elements are so I can give them a class to point the CSS styling at,
&LT (but lower case) makes it so the browser shows the code as text, e.g. I tried typing <H1 in the code but it doesn’t appear on the page it just makes the following text header 1.

Does this answer your question?

ps. I had a bit of a nightmare writing this reply for the very same reason :upside_down_face:

Hey Everyone!

Throwing this up for fun. I wanted to approach a dark theme style layout with my cheatsheet and plan on adding to it as I make my way through the front-end course. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Live Site

My cheatSheet

Hello everyone!

So, I created my Cheatsheet and I used information from MDN (actually I did this because whenever I need to write down anything, my mind usually goes blank). Anyway, I created a table and figured that setting borders would need for me to also style how they collapsed so they didn’t look separated.

Something I found very useful, too, is the tag. I was struggling with trying to give some style to certain words within an

element and that one () came very handily. It allowed me to take specific words within the paragraph element and highlight them. without affecting the rest of the text.

The code is not very fancy, but I enjoyed this project because it gave me the freedom to explore. I really liked to have the task with certain specifications so I can fill the rest by using my creativity.