Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

My first attempt with the Build your own cheatsheet! very fun!

Hello guys, here’s mine, I tried like dark theme

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Here is mine:

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rohan-arya/cheetsheet.html.html at main · rohanarya165/rohan-arya (

here you have my solution

Wow, this is next level ! It looks great, congrats!

Here’s my cheat sheet: Web Dev Cheat Sheet

It covers the basics of HTML

Here is my project covering some tags and attributes.
code: GitHub - tcollin21/cheatsheet
site: HTML Home

Hey I made the Create your own cheat sheet and I decided to have Git commands in it. They also come with a description.

Live Site:

Source Code:

Feedback is Appreciated

So I decided to create a cheatsheet for CSS Pseudo-Classes because I really love the extra zing they bring to a webpage. And, if I’m honest, because I need to remember the correct order of anchor selectors

Live site: CSS Pseudo-Class Reference


Thanks all

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Hey Ingdanielb,

Awesome approach to the project - really like the way you gave us html, css and the finish product side-by-side

Hi everybody. This is my exercise about building my own cheat sheet challenge project in Github. I have taken some CSS selectors.

I will appreciate all your comments and suggestions. Thank you for reading this.


Hi everyone. I finished my cheat sheets and added them to a project of mine as a web page. Here is the URL:

I kept it fairly basic and gave examples of HTML tags, attributes, and some CSS properties.

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Really good work! I like how you used a pale background with the black to keep the contrast readable. The headings are ordered very well too. Very clean and easy to read.

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I really like your color scheme. It definitely puts mine to shame! Great job! I might cheat some of your colors xD.

The only thing I would consider improving is unifying the “width” of all the tables. I think that would make it more aesthetically appealing where the width of each column is uniform.

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Hi all,

This is my solution for the project. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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Your cheat sheet is beautiful and takes the color pink consistently. Maybe it could be a good idea to quit the yellow color of the second table.

Thank you very much, @hanzou86. I think it is a good idea to explore lists of color palettes and CSS tables templates in order to learn interesting combinations and enrich our work.