Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Hey everyone :wave:

This is the start of my Cheat Sheet project:

Live page here: CSS Attribute Selectors Cheatsheet

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Hi everybody!
Here is mine cheatsheet

I wanted to make something without using class or id

Don’t hesitate to comment it

Hello everyone,

This is my CheatSheet to explain common css properties. It was fun customizing the table! I’d advise everyone to check out!

Hi this is my first website created by my own code:

GitHub: [GitHub - maknetiq-ulysses/CSS-Colors: Exercise for CODEACADEMY)

See it live: [CSS Colors)

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Ok, so here is my very first project ever!
Please be gentle!
This will be updated as i start progressing my course and will keep adding new things i learn on this sheet!

Please feel free to leave any feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s mine. any tips will be appreciated !

Here’s my solution to the Build Your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project:

Hi! here’s my solution, really enjoied doing it

Code: GitHub - FelloDuarte/codeacademy → open “cheatsheet” folder
Live: Alfredo's Cheatsheet