Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Don’t hesitate to post, would love to see where you stand, we’re all in this together learning, i think leaning on eachother isn’t a bad idea

I suppose that is right.

Hey there here is the gist of my first lines of the cheatsheet. I will use it to document all my learnings from codecademy. Feel free to comment.

Thank you.

Here is mine, its not the best but its mine!

Here is my project. It will revisit it later once I learn more.

Hi Everyone!

This is my very first project written in HTML & CSS.
I made a cheat sheet about Tables:
Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.

Hello everyone. I just finished this project. I welcome any constructive feedback from codecademy community. Below you will find the link to it.


Hello :slight_smile:
I made Semantic tags reference!

And this is GitHub pages :

my handicraft:

Hi! I have set up a Github, but am unsure about how many of the many steps required to do so are also required just to upload a single project…
In the screenshot am I right in saying that the ‘git_practice’ part of these steps simply needs to be replaced by the file name in which my cheat sheet is saved to? Or have I got that wrong?.. I am new to Github.

This is my work, have a look :slight_smile: :

Hello Everyone,

Here is my first shot at a website with HTML and CSS. I think it took me longer to learn how to clone a gist into a GitHub Repository. That is located here if you would like to look it over there.


Here is the start of my cheat sheet project. I would appreciate any feedback at all! This is only the second time I’ve created any project in my own dev-space so would love to hear it.


Here’s my Gist link:
My cheatsheet project

First code I wrote without the step by step instructions from codecademy, although I did reference other sources and reviewed old lessons a bunch of times. I feel like this project really helped my understanding of it all quite a bit.