Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Please visit my GitHub repo to check out the cheatsheet. Any feedback is appreciated!

how did the solution have a smaller width than mine?

Hey guys, this is my first post with Codecademy! Im spending way too long working on this, but hours add up… Right?
The code for the visual layout feels messy to me, but next project will be more focused on a particular topic. Like building a navigation bar in a specific manner, or positioning multiple elements using flexbox, etc.

Heres my deployed link: HTML & CSS Notes

My GitHub project repo: GitHub - TrevorsDev/htmlCSSNotesProject: An HTML & CSS webpage to store HTML and CSS notes.

I also did that, and I want to make a video for it.

Can you please let me know in which section of the curriculum I can find the actual instructions for the challenge.


Hi everyone! First post on here. Here’s my deployed solution. Yeah, it’s pretty garish, but I had fun doing it.
(Jim’s Giant Tool is a set of Excel tools I’ve been working on and hope to put out there someday, so I figured I’d stick with the name here just for fun.

Deployed link: Jim's Giant Tool for Text
Project repository: at main · jdkapow/ · GitHub

Hey all, here’s my deployed cheat sheet and repo link.

Deployed link
Project Repo

Here my forst HTML Website :slight_smile:

GitHub: GitHub - elena1601/cheatsheet: codecademy challange: HTML Cheat Sheet

I am happy for your comments. I am not sure if the GitHub Page is correctly hosted though…

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