Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

you mean in the " HTML Table Reference"?
They most likely just set a background-color for the th elements.
I was playing with it a little today.
If you’re looking to just underlay the writing with color and not the whole table element,
you can wrap your text in a span tag and give it a class there.
I hope this helps :slight_smile: also still a rookie :smiley:

Hi all! I felt like I tried hard but mine is crap. Regardless, I tried to incorporate a little but of selector stuff in my code as well.

[Codecademy export · GitHub]

GitHub: First Cheat Sheet · GitHub


Github: GitHub - jonhnmedeiros/html-css-cheatsheet-starting
See ir live: Document

Hi - Here is my cheat sheet :slight_smile:

Can anyone point me to some helpful info on getting this cheat sheet published on GitHub? I’ve added my files to the repo but I can’t find a single tutorial that shows how to publish this as a site, the ones I have found are telling me to click settings/options that I don’t have available or pages are out of date or not found. Thanks so much in advance

you need to make a repository called “” where “username” is your actual github username.

The live view will then be available at “

Hi everyone, here is my code for the Cheat Sheet Project.

I chose to document CSS Selectors :slight_smile:
Also, if you are more or less at the same level of the Full Stack engineer training (about 10% completed) and willing to find a coding buddy don’t hesitate to contact me via the forum or on discord ( .linum ) so that we can motivate each other to move forward, set deadlines, get unstuck together etc :slight_smile:

#Seeking Code Review for HTML Table Layout Cheatsheet Project
I have aimed to ensure clarity, accessibility, and efficiency in the implementation, but I believe an additional set of eyes would be invaluable in identifying any potential areas for improvement.
Challenge Project - HTML Tables Layout Cheat Sheet

Here is my gist for the Cheatsheet:

Your table is easy to read and presents the information clearly. My suggestion would be to add some further styling like color and layout in your css. Good job!

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This took me awhile to figure out and I’m not certain I could reproduce what I did to finally make it work. There is a lesson called “How to deploy a website” that has some instruction on navigating git hub. Helped me get started and directed to videos and tutorials to narrow down what wasn’t working for me.

I like your color scheme!