Build your Own Cheatsheet Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Here my apptempt CHeat Sheet Home Page
Any feedback, very much appreciated

I decided against a HTML table cheat sheet. I felt like I needed to better understand how the Position property in CSS works, so I created this site which demonstrates each type of positioning and explains them in my own words.

Live View

GitHub Repository


This is great! it really helped me understand this concepts better :slight_smile:

xDravynx/Cheatsheet: Table of HTML Colors (

Hi, this is a silly question but how do I view the cheat sheet? I’ve downloaded it and I can see the zip file but I’m not sure how to open it

You have to extract the zip into a folder of your choice. Then you can view the files code in the text editor, and view the website in the web browser.

My attempt at the cheat sheet.

I completed my cheat sheet - nothing fancy. I will save better designs for further down the pathway!

View the code on GitHub
Live Preview


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really love the format! simple but effective :slight_smile:

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It’s amazing how much effort you have put! The site is much beyond what was required. I have one issue- the link to HTML doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks. I appreciate that.

I messed with the Gitpages seetting a bit. Try the link again.

:rofl: :sob: I feel that pain.

Hi everyone!

I’ve seen quite a few of other people’s cheatsheets and I feel like mine’s so different from everyone’s. Nonetheless here they are.

Repository link
Live page link

Hello! Wondering how they th elements where made purple in the background??

Hello, here is my project:

After a few months, I started learning again.
my second cheat sheet.

Repository link

Live page link