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Here’s a gist for my cheat sheet with table reference
the hardest part though was to set up Git & GitHub & to create a gist :)))

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A start:


See it live:


Here is my first HTML page. Rate it, please.

Here is my first HTML page. Rate it, please

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Made a basic one here for fun:

And live demo

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My cheatsheet:

Hey everyone,
Here’s what I came up with.

This is my work. I did not exactly stick to the description but i’ve learned a lot, thanks.

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Hi all,

Here you can find my cheatsheet assignment. Went a little overboard, but learned a lot. Welcome your comments and feedback. PS: The content is in Dutch my native language. Apologies for that.

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Here’s a link to my solution hosted on github pages.

I may have went a bit overboard. And ended up starting a portfolio site. Oops

Here’s mine!

Heres my first table cheat sheet gist, I just copied the one in the example, but think I did a good job!

My version of the project, kind of went a different route.

My quick attempt . I know the links are unnecessary for such a short page but I thought it would be fun practice regardless. Oddly enough, on github the CSS runs fine but when I copy and paste the same code into codeacademy the CSS doesn’t link at all. Fun project!

Here is mine. Nothing to write home about here!

I was so frustrated with the github set up that I eventually give up. The &ltinput&gt element is by far my most favorite HTML element. live version of my cheatsheet


Hey, this is my project about the Cheat Sheet!

I hope you’ll enjoy!