Build Your Own Cheat Sheet with HTML & CSS

Hi All,

Another project completed named Build Your Own Cheat Sheet representing a cheat sheet for HTML Table tag.

I would love any honest feedback regarding this page which will help me to progress further in web development career.

Please check this out on my GitHub @ naiyagpatel/ BuildingCheatSheet

Thank you all on spending time looking into my creation.

Update you soon with my next project until then stay safe and Happy Coding :slight_smile:


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Your HTML lacks two vitally important lines that should appear before anything else in the HEAD…

 <meta charset="UTF-8"/>
 <title>HTML `table` Cheatsheet</title>

With that encoding declared you can replace all the entities with the actual characters.

Will continue reading and possibly return with more comments.


I didn’t see a <caption/> in your table. That is a required element per accessibility guidelines. Unfortunately I cannot find a paste-in validator. One must have a web mounted site to be assessed and there is likely a fee. Sucks. Back in the day we could test our code for free. Not no more, it seems.


There’s a free paste-in html validator here: W3 Validator: Direct Input. That page also links to a validator for css.

We could always count on W3C for markup and style sheet validation, but there is little or no free validation drive-by service for accessibility compliance. That now seems to be on a subscriber domain basis.

Good day all
Can you please give me an hint of what this project is all about: CSS:Build Your Own Cheat Sheet

Hi everyone,

I will be adding more notes later but this is what I have so far.

Hello everyone:)
Just finished my Cheat-Sheet and want to share ,may it helps with the idea…
Also will be helpful to get feedbacks:)
How it looks: