Build your own cheat sheet css will not link!

I am working on the “build your own cheat sheet” project and I can not get the CSS style sheet to link up. The style sheet is not effecting the preview at all.

my index.html code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <link href="./styles.css" type="text/css" ref="stylesheet">
      <title>HTML5 Cheat Sheet</title>
        <h1>HTML5 Cheat Sheet</h1>

my styles.css code:

h1 {
  color: red;

not a lot to have going wrong, so I do not understand what is wrong.

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Hi Noun

Is your file styles.css in the same folder as your HTML file?

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Im using the Codecademy’s site to code so its all in the browser.

Please can you share the lesson URL

your mistake is here, I nearly missed it :see_no_evil:

its supposed to be rel not ref

OMGOSH! yep that fixed it!

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