Build your own Ai Chatbot mobile app for iOS [Discussion Thread]

try this key from my account to make sure your code is fine “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” and please tell me after using it to disable the key. thank you

Thank you for the key it work now. but a see in my account dis 0,00 used of 5,00 my account have a make in the first part

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During the call today we were talking about the latest Apple developer newsletter:

GitHub - EngOmarElsayed/OpenAi-Session4: this is the code for session 4 This is the complete app and good luck

I was able to watch the first session but i forgot to rsvp to the next sessions. Can someone email me the passcode so i can watch the replays ?

@fedegl Can you help ?

I’ll send you an email