Build website and frontend in the same time

Hello community!

I’m registered for the " Build website from scratch" intensive program and I wonder if I can follow the program: Build front end app from scratch" at the same time ? what do you think about it?

i have a little background on development ( and i have finished to study the htlm/ css path on codecademy) , I would like to devote 4 hours a day to development:

2h for the website html/css development
2h for frontend app development

what do you think about it?

thank you for your quick reply as the second program begin at the same than the other and for the moment i’m not registered on this one :slight_smile:

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Could you explain why you want to do this?
I recommend focusing on one thing at a time.

because i want to improve my javascript skills, the front end program is more focus on it, i don’t want to loose time and wait until march to participate to the next session.

Well if you just want to get better at the specific language why don’t you take the JS courses via CC Pro.

Hello , and welcome to Codecademy!

This is going to focus more on all three HTML languages, and not very much on a app though it might with JS.

You could probably learn both at the same, and be fine in my opinion.

You should probably also want to learn the “Intro to JS” course here so you know all three main languages for webpages.

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