Build Webpages right in Codecademy!

Hey everyone out there,
I just finished the codecademy tracks for Javascript an jQuery less than an hour ago. When I went to view my profile to see my accomplishments, I saw this thing that said “Browse My Projects.” When I opened it, I found that you can make your own webpages. You can completely create something of your own with HTML/CSS and Javascript, right in the Codecademy website. Your projects are also free for any member of Codecademy to edit, while keeping your versions safe.

Go check it out in your own profile if you want to see for yourselves…

It is far more fun to create these files on your computer with a text-editor (for example notepad++) and then host the pages on github pages

If anyone was wondering, these are officially called ‘Codebits’ and you can find all of yours here.