Build "Rock, Paper, Scissors" What if choice1 is scissors?


It is killing me,please help
says "Oops, try again. Make sure to call your compare function with userChoice and computerChoice as the arguments!"


Please post your code :slight_smile:


also, in line 40 write else instead of else if... try that and see what happens.


and (not 100% here...) 'choice1' should be "userChoice" and 'choice2' should be "computerChoice" on line 12 (and all choice1/2s after that).


This isn't true. Inside the function, only choice1 and choice2 should be used.

You will send in your userChoice and computerChoice values when you call the function.


my apologies, lorikim. I need to double check my responses before posting. Thanks, AR, for the vigilant post!