Build Python Web Apps with Django - bug? what am I doing wrong?

Link to the lesson:

In the above exercise I keep getting the error “Did you set the last_name field value to "Uddin" ?” - as you can see from the screenshot - I did exactly what the instruction says. I’m now stuck at the stage unable to make progress. Any help much appreciated.

Another user reported the same issue I’m having here: FAQ: CRUD Functionality - The get() and get_or_create() Method

Response from support:

Apologies for the brief delay here! I spoke to our team, and the issue is that the terminal component is reading the output as two separate lines because of the smaller screen size:

> The
> answer

Instead of

The answer

This is a known issue and our team is actively working to fix it. In the meantime, you can stretch out the terminal to fit the command on a single line (see screenshot attached)

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