"Build ChatBots with Python" skill path - Update needed on Gensim module

Summery of the report:
It is not a bug per se, but I could not find an appropriate section to post about it, so I am sorry in advance if there is one and I failed to discover it! The part of the aforementioned skill path is outdated and the function does not work anymore (at least if someone tries to reproduce the exercises on his/her local machine). Gensim 3 migrated to Gensim 4 and a lot of its methods had changed. You can find the changes here:

Course URL:

Steps to Reproduce:
I tried to revise the exact course material on my local machine and find out about the migration.

Fix or Workaround:
Working methods can be found on the link above.

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Until the course is updated, you can install and use the latest release of the version 3 branch: pip install gensim==3.8.3. A list of all releases can be found on PyPi: gensim · PyPI.

Thanks for sharing!