Build Chatbots with Python - Should I restart python modules if stuggling or press on with course?

I’ve completed the first 2 modules relating to python for the Build Chatbots with Python but I’m very much a beginner and I struggle to create code from the top of my head without assistance. Essentially I can read the code and ace the exam questions but I can’t always write it in the correct order or miss something entirely.

Having just started the third module ‘Rule based chatbots’ I’m already dependant on getting assistance for python inputs and I’m wondering what the best approach is?

  1. Restart the python modules
  2. Continue with the chatbot modules and essentially observe how the python code should be used by using assistance in the hope that I pick it up along the way

There’s probably a strong case for both approaches so I’m curious if any other students been at a similar crossroads and what their advise would be?


I think it would be down to you. Are you actually still learning something useful from the course you’re on or are you simply able to pass the checks without really understanding how or why it works.

Personally I’d suggest doing the LearnPython course first since the basic syntax is useful no matter what you decide to do with it. The way you’ve described your current status suggests you’re at risk of wasting your own time and continuing would be somewhat of a “sunk cost” approach.

However, I’ve not done the chatbots course, perhaps it tries to introduce the basics of Python. It sounds like you’d benefit from taking a step back and first learning Python itself; however, it falls to you to decide on whether your current course is actually beneficial or not.

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Thanks for your advice. The chatbots course does indeed introduce the basics of Python in the first 2 modules which I’ve completed and I can see from the main syllabus of the LearnPython course that I this relates to 47% completed of that course with about another 30% related to slightly different project tasks so I’m probably closer to 80%.

For now I’m going to continue with the rest of the chatbot modules to see how Python is applied to chatbots and deep learning etc. but I will dip into the main LearnPython course on a weekly basis to stay fresh.