Build Chatbots with Python - Scrabble project - Step 14

My students are having a difficult time with Step 14, trying to get the points totals to sort by highest first.

They are doing what the walkthrough video has, but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else have this issue?

Do you have an example of the code with the errors? If you could please post it (formatted) that would help. Use “</>” to format or, see here.

Hi! I’ve done that challenge a while ago. and if you send over your code, I’ll take a look. I’m not a pro but I did that quite easy and I’ll be happy to help. you can write it here in code format or send over a gist. You can find create a gist in your tool tab in the link you sent.

and also, here’s my code on it

p.s. :
now that I think, I could’ve written a function to take first list, iterate through it, for each item in letters append it, then lowercase, then append it again, for second list also, could’ve appended each item twice into a new list. that’ll work. I might do that later…

Thank you!
We will look at this.
Appreciate the response.

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