"Build Basic Android Apps with Java" skill path vs "Learn the Basics of Android" course

What is the difference between these two? Is one a subset of the other? Does one go into more depth?

I have looked at the pages for each, and the skill path seems more comprehensive, but also more targeted toward beginners, so not sure. Thanks in advance.

Learn the Basics of Android is a course so the time to completion is around 3hrs. Iā€™m almost certain this course would be a part of the Build Basic Android Apps with Java skill path!

Build Basic Android Apps with Java is a skill path, approx time to complete is 10 weeks. This would include a complete in depth look at this specific topic!

I hope this helped!

Heres some info taken from Here to explain skill paths vs career paths!

Skill Paths are uniquely differentiated by the fact that they teach users the skills they need for specialized, short-term outcomes.

Whereas Career Paths teach you the in-depth foundational knowledge to help you jumpstart your career in web development, computer science, or data science, Skill Paths teach you practical, specific skills that you can start using at your job immediately (e.g. data analysis with Python).

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