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I’m doing the Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages PRO course and i’m stuck at the Command Line for Building Websites Navigation part.

I’ve already done some of the tasks, however i’m struggling in CD II part.

" Now we’re in 2015/feb , but what if we want to move to 2015/jan ? (You can reference the filesystem for this lesson here.)

This means that we have to go back up one level (to 2015 ), and then down into the jan directory. This could be accomplished using two distinct cd commands (one that moves us up and then another that moves us back down), but we’re going to do it using just one command.

Using a single cd command, navigate from 2015/feb to 2015/jan ."

the cd …/next-directory don’t work.
(bash: cd: …/next-directory: No such file or directory)

Someone with the same problem? Can someone help me?


Welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

I believe the problem is with your command.
You should be using .. instead of …

For example, if the file tree was:


You could move from Subfolder1 to Subfolder2 by using cd ../Subfolder2.

Hope that helps!

Yes!! Tank you so much.

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