Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Here’s my solution

Hello here is my solution, check it out!!!

My solution

Looks great! Kind of inspires to go back and touch mine up some. I just got done with mine and it’s looking a bit basic in comparison. I really like the borders you used for each section. I think if you centered the blocks inside each section that it would be a nice touch. Nice work!

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Just finished up this project. Let me know what ya think!

Here is my try on this fun assignment! If anyone has any tips or else, please let me know!

I got a bit carried away.

GitHub Repo: GitHub - Ohene7/style-guide: A simple style guide - a Codecademy project
Live Site: My Style Guide | A Codecademy Project

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Hi Claudia! I think your proyect looks great too!!!
Thank you very much for your advice.

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I guess looking at the code is fun but people should be turning their projects into github pages and showing them off.

if you want to look at the code its here

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Hello everyone,
This is my take on this project - please let me know what you think. It’s pretty much the same as the example one.

Here is my project completed : GitHub - gsv01/websitestyleguide Please leave a review on what could be changed to make it better and even more interactive (Animation maybe ?) . Thanks !

Hey everyone,

Here is a link to my submission! I tried to stay within the bounds of what has been taught by the course so far. I have a bad habit of always trying to add a million more features than I need and it bogs down my production time. I’ve been working on it, but I can only imagine that all of here have a similar mindset.

Please feel free to leave critiques, comments, and more importantly, ways I can improve, I know there is a lot to touch up on!

Web Site Designer

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Hi everyone, I just completed this project today. You can see my code over at GitHub. If you have any feedback/comments to share, I’d love to hear it! Thanks.

Hello! My first draft efforts are here:
GitHub Pages
GitHub Repository
I feel like I have a really long way to go in terms of understanding positioning and making sure things work when resizing, so any suggestions or pointers would be gratefully received! Particularly in trying to fix the nav at the top whilst not covering everything else up, but still being able to change it from horizontal to vertical when resizing to mobile sizes. I got in a complete muddle there and ended up giving up…


This is what I ended up with. I tried to follow the original example and then adding my own style and design to it.

Github Page
Github Repository

Hello everyone,
here is my website style.
Website Style

Hi there!
My solution

Hi, I am new here and searching for RTL Support Topics.
I have an Urdu Language Website and want to post some issues and their solution here.
Kindly someone guide me to the topic.

This was a very helpful project
first it reinforced more about css positioning and typography
secondly i made a style guide
thirdly my little development company now has a style guide!


I managed to finish this project even though it took me a whole day!

Github code!

live webpage

Feel free to provide me with any feedback!

Thanks in advance!