Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

This is my CSS website desgin cheatsheet which has color property, position property, display property and css box-model.
if any suggestion please suggest me.
my github link: Document

Thanks for showing me the gist. I like the background color scheme you have; I’ll try that approach for my own website. I’ve thought about trying Bootstrap or Material Design but both seemed too complex for my current knowledgebase. For now I’ll just keep things simple like you did. Have a good day.

Okay! I’m proud to present to the world a GitHub Gist of my completed work. The link is below:

github gist - click me

I wasn’t able to do any bootstrap or use Google MaterialDesign but was at least interested in them. Materials were difficult to install and use on my computer for some reason. So for time’s sake, I just colored the backgrounds of my elements to make them look better. I hope this works out.

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This is my live version of Website Style Guide: Style Guide Live


Here’s how i did it :smiley:

Here’s my take on the Style Guide

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Here is a link to my Website Style Guide via GitHub, I wrote the scripts in visual studio code. I have been coding for less than a month with no prior experience or knowledge in software development. I like to think that my problem solving skills have been sharpening up for the better! Please take a look at the code posted below, I look forward to receiving some tips and pointers! Thank you for your time and this amazing platform!

your style guide came out really well. I see there are some things i can improve on, thank you!

Hi! I built my website style guide without using flexbox, this is my code:

Happy coding! :smiley:

Here is both my HTML & CSS code for the project! I kept it rather simple, but checks all the boxes!

Check out my website style guide! Let me know what you think! :smiley_cat:

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Hey everyone here’s my website style guide:

I’m probably going to remove the navigation as it doesn’t make sense to me in its current form but as it grows i’ll certainly add it back.