Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

It seems simple, but tooked a lot of work :sweat_smile:


Hi all,

Here my solution to the challenge: Build a Website Style Guide

GitHub repository: GitHub - final-aerith/web-design-system: Codecademy Challenge Project
Page: My Website Design System

Thanks for the feedback!

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v0.1 - have quite a few ideas to continue, however, I am not sure how re-usable is my solution tbh, which would be the point of the design system :slight_smile: I believe, will learn this as we go

Very niceee well done!

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Thank you much appreciated.

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Trying my best! It takes so long to make this such a simple website, but it was fun creating it!

Your web design is beautiful! I like the shadow effects you use for almost all elements.

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Hello, This is my first message on the forum, I have been having trouble with navigating the forum. I want to share my website design project here but I seem to be having trouble with that too. I wrote the code on my computer code editor but and I’m having trouble sharing it with git I have a GitHub account already. please help me with some advice. I also think I made a mistake, i copied my code from my code editor to the codecademy code editor, I wanted to try and share it from there but now i can’t continue forward, its displaying “something went wrong” I tried several times but still the same, I tried refreshing too but failed. i would really appreciate your help.


Hi everyone!
This is my attempt, i hope you like it! Feel free to give feedbacks and share your thoughts!

Repo: GitHub - Andre-DM/Website-Design-System
Live: Website Design System

Nice touch with the font :heart_eyes:

Not sure about the error. But if you are using VS Code, publishing to GitHub shouldn’t be too hard.

On the left hand side in VS code look for the Source Control panel. If you haven’t already, choose the second option: initialising git and creating the upstream branch on GitHub. Then on GitHub go to your repo and then Settings → Code and automation → Pages. Then choose “Deploy from a branch” and point it towards master. That’s it! Good luck :blush:

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Hi everybody!

Here’s my attempt. Went a bit overboard, but have prior experience with this stuff and wanted to show that. Hope you like it :grin:

Repo: Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System
Site: aWebsite Design System


This should help: Deploy a Site with GitHub Pages | Codecademy

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I’m glad you liked it! I saw your attempt and it’s wonderful, I really like the descriptions at the beginning of each paragraph and also it looks very professional! Keep up the good work!

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This is my version of the Website Design System challenge.
I experimented a lot with the flexbox and I hope that I created a responsive website.
At least using the Chrome developer tools it doesn’t look bad.

You can try it and let me know what you think… Some feedback please :slight_smile:

Live Preview

Thanks a lot, I managed to fix the problem and VS code has helped a lot.
I very much appreciate it.


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wow! This is amazing and you do have experience. thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! Will keep working on it, so keep an eye out if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Awesome that’s great to hear!

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