Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

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Hey everyone this is my first post on the forum! Could use some feedback and advice!

Reposting, as the previous link does not work anymore:

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live website

my code

Hi everyone!
this is my first attemp on making a project on my own!
I’d like to share it and have some feddbacks from you all!
Thanks :wink:

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Completed the challenge project: Build a Website Design System
Gist: Codecademy export · GitHub
Live: My Website Design System

Hey guys! Here is my project too, I hope you like it and I’d appreciate your feedback, thanks! Happy coding everyone! :slight_smile:

Nice and clean - love it! :blue_heart:

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My project`'s adress:

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Hi everyone,

I just finished my style guide project, please feel free to give me feedback or a rating! Thank you!

The page: Design System

The code: GitHub - alphonsewan/Website-Design-System

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This is next level man! Well done!!

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Hi guys! I just completed the challenge project: Build a Website Design System
Gist: GitHub - MichiJc/Styleguide
Live: Michelle's Style Guide

Hello everyone!! Here is my project, feel free to give any feedback and if you need to collaborate let me know :slight_smile: Source code :: Live demo