Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

hi everyone!
Another project done.
This one it’s a complement of the Cheatsheet project, i’ve applied a minimalist layout for this one.

Live page
Git repo



Good evening.
Please check: I @ M (

i’ve updated the page…
made some layout changes, if u still see the older one u need to clear de cache and refresh the page.

new layout


here it is my attempt for a Design System:

As a very first approach, I just add some content to start it, but I did not add colors because I dont know yet about its colors. I am sure you can get a feel of it.
Coding wise, I welcome any feedback so I can code this lady better as I keep learning.

The <header> gave me sort of a headache because it did not go full width as it did the <main> part. Seems that it was having padding - margin somewhere that I could not find.
Everything else did not go that bad…or, well, mind that I’m a new bee…

Its a living file to be found here:—Design-System

Thank you all

Here is my attempt at the project. Advice to make my code look cleaner or any suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Hello this is my first project that I share here:

Good day, here is my attempt at the “Build a website design system challenge”. Any comments or advice would be great.

Here is the live link:

My Style Guide

Here is the link to the repository:

JamesSchulzeDev/mystyleguide: Project: Build a Website Design System (

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Hi everyone!

Just finished WDS project! Check it out and let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance and happy coding!


Hi everyone,

I just finished building the Website Design System project. I’d love to hear what you think. I have made it quite basic and did a lot of mistakes that took some time to fix. Please be constructive and if you fancy learning together it would be great to connect.

Have a look at my work here:

Build a Website Design SystemBuild a Website Design System Challenge Project

Happy coding!


Dear anna
I appreciate your review for my project : Website Design System
link : Website Design System


Please rate the code for Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System.
GitHub - 3chihiro/My-Website-Style-Guide: Basic website design systemChallenge Project: Build a Website Design System

your style guide is definitely one of my faves!

When trying to link your live site from GitHub, on GitHub, select your repository, then “Settings”, then “Page”. You’ll see on the top the URL of your project. Make sure your repository is published.


Thanks for this. I am new at Git and GitHub and have been searching for a long time how to link my site from GitHub.

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Thank you for your response.
Project URL.
Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System.


Hello everyone! Please check out my website and code and let me know what you think if you so please. Thanks!

Code: GitHub - klunkyfungus/Web-Design-Style-Guide: Style guide for website design
Website: 🍄 KF Website Design Style Guide


Hey, i just finished this program :slight_smile:, if you can give me some review, i will appreciate it!

Live site is Here

Github files Here

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here is my web page design

Thank you for your response.
Project URL.
Challenge Project: Build a Website Design System.

my project