Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

This took me a little longer than I had hoped but i got the job done and I’m quite proud of myself.

Github:GitHub - Jay-Levi/ A repository for the CodeCademy design system project

Live: Website Style Guide

I plan on adding media queries once I start learning about it a bit more but this is it for now. If anyone has any advice I would be happy to hear from you :smiley: thanks!

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this is my take on it. any feedback is appreciated.

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Very neat and easy to understand! Great work :slight_smile:

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I think is a great project. Well done, Bogdan! If you would like to review more of your codes, I am open to do it. I am also from Romania. Have a nice day!

Hello! Here is my second project. I am open to hear your opinion about my project. Have a nice and productive day, coders!
Code: GitHub - Katherine2816/
Live: Website Design System

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my project: Website Design System Starting

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Hello Everyone!

This is my Website-Design-System. It took me longer than I thought.
As always, I really appreciated if anyone has some advice for the future!
Thank you in advance!

Code: GitHub - LetsCodeManh/Website-Design-System: To Learn HTML & CSS I build a Website Design System
Live: Website Design System

Have a nice day and happy coding!

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Hi Everyone,

Here is the live site of my design system/styling guide.

Live Website

My style guide!

Here’s mine: Carly's First Website stylesheet

I’d love some help on getting the boxes within my h2 boxes all line up nicely. They are kind of all over the place and I’m not sure how to ensure they are centered vertically within their box. Thanks in advance!

Here’s my attempt for this project! Feel free to give me feedback :slight_smile:
Live: Website Design System

I love the design. Did you use any templates or frameworks?

Here’s a link to my Website Design System - Website Design System. I’m open to suggestions and corrections. Thank you.


Thank you! I came up with the design on my own.

Amazingly impressive! and motivating, great work.

Here is mine, not much but a decent start.


Hi Katherine.
I as well like what you did with your project.
However, there are a few things I would change.
The first thing is that when I load your page, some of the h1 elements that are used as titles for headings section , font styles and typography, for some reason are not entirely present in my browser window (Mozilla Firefox). A good idea would be to modify the code so that these elements fit for the other browsers as well.
Another thing … some of the class and id names you have chosen could create confusion, and I think you might as well change them; and also change the selectors names that start with an uppercase to lowercase.
The rest, i think is OK.
I hope I was helpful.
Anyways … If you want we can team up on Discord to exchange knowledge and if possible, work on projects together.
I just finished learning about flexible boxes and I’m currently working on the Flexbox: To-Do App challange

Wow ! Nice layout man :smiley: .
Congrats !

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dcmunro/Website-Style: code academy project to create a website style with sample stykes (