Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Even if I don’t like the global design, I think it is nice one.
I don’t see all the colors…
But I like that you used linear-gradient for the opacity to give a nice effect.
Would have been nice to make it a bit more reponsive.

Hi everyone, here is my solution. Any feedback is welcome, thanks in advance!


I wrote the code before taking my modules on responsive design - definitely will use in the next projects. I am a rubbish designer but I really like the linear gradient effects, too.

Brick generator is fun and I like your choice of fonts

Here is a completed version of my problem. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

my design guide I hope you like that I code it with html and css with revision some projects in the class using google chrome Dev tools

I am waiting your opinions and advises

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My Style Guide:


My style guide
Feel free to comment/point out mistakes

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Hello guys!
This is my submission for the project :point_right:
Please give feedback if you see it, thanks!

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Just starting learning how to code.
Here the link for my first project:

I will need to make this code more responsive but it is a start.

Hey everyone ! I decided to put in most of what I’ve learned from the web development course til now in this project. Also I wanted to make a consistent look for all elements :slight_smile:
*Note: I had a banner image but removed it in case its copyrighted *

This is the link to Github. And good luck to everyone in their learning process. :smiley:

Nice clean design!

The code you use is very neat - semantic html, clear sections, html tables. I really like it.

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Nice design! I like the clarity of the code and reset section in the beginning of your css.
Why did you use data tag to display your colours?


Clear html code. Did you consider adding a header or navbar?
I am not sure if groove style border works well with border-radius.


thanks for your encourage words :slight_smile:

Can some body look at my code and tel me how look like?

It took me some time but it was worth it! Here it is! I have only used course material up to the Typography lesson. The 3 extra things I did was google for that gradient on the “The Palette” heading, the :hover CSS attribute for the navigation bar and the static background.

Live Version: Here

Repo: Here