Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

Wow this is nicely done! Lovely.

Thanks I really appreciate that :sunglasses: I know I have to fix the weird quirk with the comment section but I’ve been having me a week of tiny little details that need some attention.

Here’s my design system project. Any feedback is much appreciated!

[design_system/index.html at main · AngeloDiMauro/design_system · GitHub]

Hi All, please see my work. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Live Website: Website Design System
Source Code: GitHub source code


Hi all!
Here is my style guide!

Live page is here! (

Source Code is here! (


Hey folks! I’ve included my style guide as a github page here and source code is available here.

Of course, would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone may have. Thanks!


I like pastel colors.
Simple but colorful, hope you like it.

Build a Website Design System.
My source code : GitHub
GitHub-Pages : Live Preview



Here’s my Website Style Guide:

Code: Github - Calvinmarr
Live: Project - Style Guide

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Hello Wonderful Coders,

Here’s my Style Guide Challenge project: GitHub - blackwidow28/Style-Guide-Project at master

I’d appreciate a code review and any feedback. Thanks.
Have a wonderful day.

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Here is my version of the style guide. Its basically a recreation of the sample with fonts and colours I chose. I also attempted to make it a little more responsive than the sample. For example, if the screen or window was very small width-wise the content on the website should still be somewhat legible.

The repo:

Click to see it live!

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Here is my take on the Style Guide

Live: Style Guide
repo: GitHub - joshuahutchinson26/webpagestyleguide

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Hey Everyone,

Check out my website builder assignment using my GitHub link below. I will definitely be adding more to this document as I see/learn more styles that I like!

Here’s mine - super simple, nothing fancy:

Live: Jose's Website Style Guide
Code: GitHub - jdelgado1025/WebDev: HTML/CSS Project for CodeCademy

Wow folks, there are some really nice project here :clap:

Anyway, here’s mine, almost exactly as the example provided:

GitHub - Website Design System

Hi! There is main projeckt, first one :wink: !!!

Hi everyone,

it took me a little while, but it’s done! i’m quite happy with the result.

I’d appreciate if anyone could give me some tips about how to improve it.


Please check out my project. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you! :slight_smile:

My GitHub: GitHub - ahman502/Website-Style-Guide: A basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) design system to help me build more websites in the future! A collection of some basic/common colors with their hex and rgb codes, fonts and their usage with examples, and some basic text styling using CSS.
Live Version:


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Would love for someone to have a look. All done with flexbox.

Live version of the web page above: Website Style Guide


Hi Everyone, here is my work for this project:

Slowly but surely I guess :smiley:

Happy Coding!