Build a Website Style Guide Challenge Project (HTML, CSS)

MY Web Style Sheet, Got Bored in the end.


Check-out my code for this project. I’m open to any feedback! :slight_smile:


Here is my project:
My Website Style Guide


Hi all, I have completed the Website Design System project, It took me almost 3days to put this together ,not full-time anyway. I hope to improve and add responsiveness to it as I learn as I go.

Will appreciate your feedback on how I could have done this better.

Actual website:

GitHub codes here:


Hello everyone, Here’s my work: GitHub - Radensuaso/website-design-system .

Hey guys, checkout mine

Hello radensuaso,

Thank you for loving my website design, I have even updated it.

Also I had to copy and paste your codes on google to see the actual site. Did you know you can create a GitHub page to show the actual website, that could help as you see your actual site rendered.



Thank you for the suggestion!
I will do it :smiley:
Here’s my work.

check out my attempt at webstyle guide webpage

Here’s my completed style guide:

JBaseit’s Website Design System

Any feedback is appreciated!

This is my solution on my website.

Hi All

Here is a link to my website style guide project. I kept it simple but had fun. Any feedback is always welcome!

web design system (style guide)