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here is my code but I’m get stuck with colors and fonts section I don’t know how to change block level (I’ve use display: inline-block but it doesn’t place next to each other)

Hi @ngthtrchnh4350901482 and welcome to the forum!
You have multiple block level elements inside the div which you set to inline-block. These items (<div> and <p> tags) are therefore still displayed as block elements, that’s why you don’t see the effect.
You would have to set each block item inside to inline or inline-block as well. But that would not be a good practice.
I guess you didn’t come to the flex-boxes or the box-system chapter yet. They show you how to do the layout of a website. Inline styles are mainly used for displaying small chunks of content.
But for now you could use <span> tags instead of <p> tags. They are inline elements by default.

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Oh I got it thank you😊

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