Build a Website Design System Seeking Review

Build a website system

I am doing the Build a Website Design System project from Codecademy’s full-stack engineer path.

So, this is the github link and this is the webpage to my finishing project.

I have a few questions I need to solve or review:

  1. in the first topic section, the color section, in ine 58-63, I can’t reset the color tile width. I need to reset the width so it will only display 3 tiles per row.
  2. In my last topic, the file system structure section, is there any suggestion or feedback on the file system structure like should it be more simple or more complex?
  3. In the media queries part, I cannot reset the width of the fonts lists, text styles lists, and the code in the table section. This content overflow can be seen in my phone but not in my laptop (small screen size), I don’t know why.
  4. Also, is there a more effective way to write the codes especially for my media queries?

This will be my first time getting a cde review so please feel free to let me know if i need to do anything. Thanks!

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