Build a Website Design System - attempted in Visual Studio Code and couldn't link stylesheet to HTML?

I attempted the Build a Website Design System in Visual Studio Code, but no matter what I do I cannot seem to get my HTML and CSS stylesheet to link. I did the lesson already on using Visual Studio Code, and had no problem linking CSS and HTML during those lessons. I followed the same format, with no success. When I put my code into the Codecademy site, I was able to link the CSS and HTML no problem. Has anyone else encountered an issue like this? Thanks!

Hi there.

There shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t link an HTML and CSS file when working locally using Visual Studio Code.

It’s likely a path issue in your src="" attribute. If you can post the HTML you’re using, and a screenshot of the folder structure from Visual Studio Code, we should be able to check. :slight_smile:

When posting your code, please make sure to format it correctly using the </> icon in the menu bar which appears at the top of the text box while you type.


Press Enter to go to a blank line, click that icon, and you will see this:


Just copy and paste your HTML directly from the editor into that highlighted portion, and the forum will keep all your formatting and whitespace so we can easily reproduce your file. :slight_smile: