Build a Library Project: list of songs doesn't display

Im having a problem with itemsCatalog console.log and i cannot unstuck :frowning: It shows [object] instead of the actual songs property data. When i log it seperately (console.log(michaelJackson.songs)) it all works just fine.
Here’s my code to check:

Not sure exactly what you want.

If you want itemsCatalog to display or return all the songs you probably need function to access those songs (or just access by itemCatalog.collection[2].songs)

You can play in the browser console also logging different objects as it will be very informative in letting you know the makeup of these (and therefore give you clues to more efficient access methods).

I really thought that’s something wrong with my code but I took a different approach and console logged it in a different way, accessing ‘collection’ directly. You’ve helped me to shed new light on this matter. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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