Build a library - Full running code needed

i have many troubles with this Javascipt project. I’m still learning object handlind with JS and get to section 11 with reading, trying, cursing and learning. But now i’m stuck and picking one error after another is a incredible slow learning process. What would help me much is a full source code of a running session of this project up to point 25 and extras.

I don’t want copy/paste it and brag with it before someone else. I’m 50+ and wanted to extend my basic JS knowledge as webdeveloper to object / class handling expert knowledge. I’m very good at self-taughting from books and online-pages. But with this project and it’s tiny hint bits i’m fed up. :\

Please provide me a link to a running source code so i can check my code against it and learn from the differences. It’s very frustrating as pro PHP developer to stuck and don’t find the errors at all. Please help me as i’m kind of mental blocked for coding the right JS.

Thank you very much

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

I can send you my solution for your review if you’d really like, but it wouldn’t be the official Codecademy solution. There is a project walkthrough video available by clicking “Get Unstuck” in the bottom right though. It doesn’t outright give you source to compare all at once in text format, but will go through each step and build the official solution throughout.

Also, I know you mentioned you’re good at learning on your own with books and online-pages, but you can also post your code here if you ever need some insight from the community. That can help steer you in the right direction sometimes too.