Build A Calculator! - Operators Standing By - 8/25

This code is still prompting the “Oops, try again. Your operator links need to be in the #operator div!” error:

	<div id="calculator">
	   <div id="total">
	   <div id="operators">
		    <a id="equals">=</a>
	   <div id="numbers">

I’ve tried adding a div before the links, a /div after the links, and all variations of those two divs, yet nothing is working. Any suggestions? It seems as if this one is bugged, but I really want credit for it and don’t want to skip it.

Please let me know!

maybe try to start over or try to check your mustack

you div has an id of operators, the error says you need operator id. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please share exercise url

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Still nothing…

this exercise is bugged (not so surprising given its no longer supported), it should find all anchor elements within the div, it doesn’t. Something is wrong with .find(), we can trick the exercise by adding an id of numbers as well as total:

<div id="total numbers">

but given this is already bugged, further exercises are very likely also bugged

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